How to Set a Calendar on a Digital Watch that Doesn't Reach Our Current Year

     Some ana/digi watches dating back to the 1980's contain limited programming that expired at the end of 2004. Date and day of the week are not indicated correctly on such watches after this time.

     In order to have the calendar display correctly you must set the watch to a covered year which has the same calendar as the current year. To do this you must set the calendar to the current Month and Day/Date, BUT set the year to 1995. This will allow the watch to run the correct Month and Day/Date going forward.

The pattern follows:

To Set:




Your customers that have these watches will need to have the calendars manually set on March 1st due to the leap year.

FOR EXAMPLE: on 03-01-2024 set the year to 1996 as shown above.

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